♻️ $18 for (1) 18-gallon container/month

♻️ Each additional 18-gallon container is $1 off, up to 4 containers

♻️ $15 for each container after the 4th

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♻️ $18 subscription fee is billed at the beginning of the month

♻️ billing for additional volume collected (beyond initial 18gal) will be billed at the end of the month

♻️ payment methods accepted: card, Venmo, or Paypal- let us know which payment method you prefer

♻️ multiple pickups can be scheduled per month

you can:

  • request multiple containers
  • request multiple pickups/months
  • request pickups to be recurring
  • leave additional bags/boxes of items out for pickup


you must:

  • email us to schedule a pickup - unless recurring pickups have been approved by us
  • email us a photo of any additional items that do not fit in your container(s) prior to the pickup