Schedule a pickup/drop-off

Get in touch

contact us through the website or email us at Be sure to include your name, address, container size (5 or 18-gallon), and qty of containers. We will schedule you for a drop-off based on which of our eight zones you’re in.

Fill your bin

once we drop off your container fill it with items from our accepted materials list. All items going in your container must be clean and dry. Unclean materials can easily contaminate the rest of your recycling. See below for our cleaning requirements.

The pickup

when your container(s) is full, send us an email to request a pickup.* Let us know if you would like a swap or pickup only. If you have additional materials that do not fit, box or bag them (see photo on the right). You must email us a photo of the additional materials when you request a pickup!

We will send you a confirmation email with the pickup date and time based on your zone, and in the order in which we receive your pickup request. Generally, if we receive a pickup request 48 hours prior to the next date we are in your zone, we can confirm the request for that date.*

*This does not apply to subscribers who are approved for recurring pickups.

You don’t need to be present for the pickup. Please leave set your items as close to your property as possible (steps, porches, alleyways, front yards are preferred. Do not leave your items out by the curb!**

**We accommodate customers that cannot leave their items out, live in apartment complexes, shared spaces, condos, etc!

We will send you an invoice after the pickup is complete. Read more about our on-demand pricing and subscription pricing.

Requirements for cleaning

  • remove all food and liquid contamination from solid plastics, plastic bags, films, and wrappers.
  • make sure that every bag that contained food or liquid is cut open, cleaned, and dried. we suggest hand-washing for flexible materials and bags and/or using a dishwasher for solid items.
  • we cannot take anything that has been contaminated with human bodily waste or meat products.
  • many of our customers already separate their waste into small bags or containers within their bucket (i.e. rubber bands in a small bag and light bulbs in another bag) which significantly helps the process of recycling.
    • this tip is only a suggestion: we understand the value of our customer’s time, our services’ convenience, and the volume and type of material may not be compatible with organizing your bin.