how it works

getting started:

  1. request (email or “contact us” tab) a 5 or 18 gallon container to be dropped off at your location.
  2. include your address in the request.
  3. fill it up with the items from our List.
  4. the items must be clean.

the pickup:

  1. request a pick up when the container is filled, and we’ll stop by to collect it! you don’t have to be present at the time of the pick up.
  2.  If you have more items to recycle than can fit in your container, just box or bag them and place it next to your rabbit container.
  3. we only charge you once the pickup has been completed. Venmo is preferred but we accept cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal too!


instagram: rabbit_recycling

tips for best practices:

    • remove all food and liquid contamination from solid plastics, plastic bags, films, and wrappers.
    • make sure that every bag that contained food or liquid is cut open, cleaned, and dried. we suggest hand-washing for flexible materials and bags and/or using a dishwasher for solid items.
    • we cannot take anything that has been contaminated with human bodily waste or meat products.
    • many of our customers already separate their waste into small bags or containers within their bucket (i.e. rubber bands in a small bag and light bulbs in another bag) which significantly helps the process of recycling.
        • this tip is only a suggestion: we understand the value of our customer’s time, our services’ convenience, and the volume and type of material may not be compatible with organizing your bin.
    • Watch our video below!