frequently asked questions (faq)

  • Isn’t the local municipality’s recycling system good enough?

While the recycling system is helpful in preventing reusable and recyclable items from entering a landfill or being incinerated, it is far from extensive.  Many items are impossible to separate out because of the bulk collection (i.e. the process of picking up everyone’s trash and putting it into one big truck to be combined with other trucks).  Plus, the local municipality only takes certain items and our list is much more extensive.  Check out what we take vs what the City of Philadelphia takes here.

  • What is the point of doing this?

Simply put, the majority of uncontaminated items that end up in landfills can actually be recycled, reprocessed, or reused. Less than 10% of  household and business items are properly recycled. Over 97% of  household and business items that end up in landfills are made from a combination or single source sub-material(s): rubbers, plastics, metals, and fabrics. Through decomposition and separation our team is able to increase the amount of items recycled and reduce the amount of items going to landfills.

  • What do you do with all of these items?

Once we get a customer’s container, we separate the items into their corresponding profiles. Some items need further deconstruction if they contain multiple profiles. Then the materials are either recycled, donated, or reused based on certain criteria.

  • What items can I recycle?

We can take almost anything.  Here is the List.

  • Would you be willing to let customers use some of the material?

We encourage our customers to help us find resourceful ways to recycle and reuse items. Customers can reach out to us and request items we may be storing temporarily. Materials such as metal, wood, furniture, and ceramics that can be used for household projects, decorations, or even arts and crafts!  We let our customers have access to these items before we recycle them.

  • What if I need to stop the service?

This is totally on a need basis. All you need to do is not call us for a pick up.  We will only provide a pick up if you ask us for it.

  • Where do you service?

We provide services throughout the Greater Philadelphia, Delaware Valley, and suburbs of Northeast Philadelphia (Bucks and Montgomery County).

  • Do I need to be present at the time of a drop off or pick up?

No, this is up to you! You can leave us direction such as: “Leave the container on the front steps” or “by the side of the house”. However, if you have questions or feedback, speaking to one of our team member in person is a great way to learn more about us!