problem with bulk collection

Street 1

Trash Day

Every trash day I am greeted to conditions much like this picture.  Where there are piles of recyclables, non-recyclables, and randoms items.

How is it possible for the trash men and women to determine what is recyclable and what isn't?

The Pick Up

Next, the trash is thrown into the back of a trash truck.  Even with curbside recycling for a minority of items, the majority of items recyclable or not is thrown into the back of one truck.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

What's leftover is this mess.

With Rabbit Recycling, we can solve serious waste removal problems:

  1. No longer are we asking other human beings to categorize and separate our recyclable waste from our non-recyclables on the street corner or in a gross facility.
  2. Waste is more efficiently separated so that more recyclables actually enter the recycling stream particularly harder to recycle items.
How to Fix it

Sign up today so that you can make a lasting and considerate impact on others and the environmental for something that we must do everyday.